How do I activate the REST API?

To activate the REST API, first go to the account settings. Then click on Integrations, on the left side in the tab Account & Billing. Here, you will see an overview of integrations and their status. 


Move your cursor across the line and you will see the button Activate appear. Click on Activate behind the REST API to purchase a license.


After purchasing the license, go to the tab Integrations and click on Configurations on the left.  You will see the following screen:


Click on the button New authentication to generate a Key and a Secret. You will need these to link an external system to your Spotler account. First, a pop-up will appear:


In this popup:

  • Enter the name of the unique data in your system
  • Select the system you are connecting to. We request this information, so that it is clear what you use the REST API for and so we can help you better if necessary.
  • Select the field in Spotler to which the unique data must be linked. In general, this is a customer number.

Click on OK and you will see the Key and the Secret in the screen.



Deactivating the REST API

Would you like to deactivate the REST API? Then please contact your Spotler partner, they will cancel your license.



Safe handling of a key and secret
Be careful when sharing the key and secret.
Someone with this data has access to all data in your account. So be aware of who you share the key and secret with, where you store this data and how you share it.

Link REST API to multiple systems

An advantage of the REST API is that you can link multiple source systems with Spotler. This way you can combine the strengths of different source systems such as your webshop, CRM, ERP or another system.

When you plan this, there are a few important points to consider, so that the implementation goes smoothly and there is no data contamination.


  1. Do you link one or more systems with Spotler? Contact your Spotler partner. They can advise you on this.
  2. With multiple source systems, your Spotler partner will arrange for an extra external Customer ID to be created in your Spotler account and to adjust the deduplication rules. This way you prevent that the default externalCustomerId is overwritten when e-mail address is part of the deduplication rule (s), that contacts are exchanged if two external sources use the same externalCustomerId and that the updates only take place within one system, because the external system is the contact cannot find it based on the correct externCustomerId.
  3. Create a new authentication for each link and link it to the new unique external CustomerId that has been created for you via your Spotler partner.
  4. Inform the party that arranges the link for you that you are working with multiple systems, so that they take this into account during the implementation.

Need extra guidance? Contact your Spotler partner.


Want to know more about the REST API?

Read more about it in the article Introduction REST API.