Integrating Forms

A Spotler form can be integrated in two ways:

Depending on the choice of integration, you have to take a number of things into account.

Integrate forms on a web page in the Web Pages module

Drag a form or survey block onto the canvas of your web page via the Editor-options.


Double-click on the block and a dropdown menu will appear with the forms in your Spotler account.


The form will then be showed on your web page.

Integrate forms on external web pages

There are a number of conditions to be able to integrate forms on an external web page:

  • The form or survey may consist of one page
  • It cannot contain a thank you page from the Forms module
  • Only the type of form or survey: 'Subscribe' and 'Normal' work

Do you want to use a form or survey that consists of several pages? Then use a Spotler webpage.

To download the code for integrating a form, go to Integrate under the dropdown menu in the overview.


The next screen appears:

mceclip3.pngYou can integrate the form in two ways:

  • Dynamic
  • Static

With the dynamic option, the changes that take place in the form are immediately implemented on the website. This is not the case with a static form. After a change in Spotler you will have to insert the code again on your website.

By default, only the Dynamic integration method is selectable. This has to do with the fact that the anti-bot security of a form is on by default. This option is only available for dynamic forms. 

If you do not know which choice to make regarding the type of HTML, ask your web builder.

You also have the choice of code that is built with tables or without tables. In both cases you can completely style the form yourself. If you want to have complete freedom over the layout of the form, you can choose generation without tables.

Secure form
If you want to send the data of the form securely, you can tick the checkbox “Secure form (https)”. The data is then posted to https instead of http.

When you click Ok, a zip file will be downloaded containing two files. For the validation of questions it is important to implement both files on your website.