How do I adjust a snippet in my message?

Use the snippet as an extension of your subject line. In many email clients, you can see this text in the inbox already, without opening the message.

Each template contains a snippet, which can be edited as a text field by double clicking it. The snippet is always positioned at the top of your template and contains a standard text, for example: "Place the snippet text here". 

There are two types of snippets:

  • Visible snippet. The text of your snippet is also visible in your message. Double-click on the free formatting block to edit the block.


  • Invisible snippet. Invisible snippets are not shown in the template itself, but they do have the same function as a regular snippet. As these snippets are not visible as text, you must edit them in the HTML code. 

    When you are formatting a message in the Messages module, you will be able to see the free formatting bar at the top of the template. Here, select Edit from the corresponding menu on the right, or double-click the row.


    An editing window will open, just like you are used to. To show the source code, click on the following icon in this window:


    A new screen will appear, in which you can edit the snippet